Your Cloud Accountant

A 21st century business needs a 21st century accountant. The days of spending on a fortune on accounting are numbered as technology evolves.
Engage a Canadian cloud accountant with the experience and expertise you need.

Dave Macdonald is a sincere business professional that loves helping people grow their business in a major way. He has the unique ability to transform your business into a workable action plan. His insights and feedback have helped me to take my business to the next level.

Fred Shadian

Dave is an ideas guy- a great person to go to when you are stuck and looking for some insight! I would definitely call on him if I ever started my own business and was looking for guidance. Of course, he is also a great listener and contributor in all areas of operations. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave to anyone.

Disclosure: 3 years after Jennifer wrote this testimonial we started dating and now we have twins!

Jennifer O’Neill