Social Good Summit @ Social Media Week Vancouver

by Dave on September 2, 2011

Social Media Week Vancouver is gaining a lot of momentum and I’m really excited to be on its advisory board as well as working closely with the organization that’s bringing it to town, Socialized! Inc. The goal here is to celebrate the best practices of social media right here in Vancouver, and for 3 hours on September 21st, we’ll be looking specifically at the context of Social Good.

What’s that mean? “Social Good” isn’t a particularly well-defined term, but suffice it to say there are millions of people who want to see people leading healthier, happier lives without necessarily handing over large amounts of cash for the opportunity to do so. There are crises around the world that need to be resolved and without advocates for the most vulnerable people the resolutions may not be pretty.

In Vancouver and across British Columbia, there are so many opportunities to do good and improve the lives of people that organizations are often stumbling over themselves to compete for limited funding or limited volunteer time. Many are using social media tools to differentiate themselves and achieve their organizations’ missions. This day is about people sharing how.

So if you have experience in this area, know someone who does, get them in touch with me at or comment below. We’ve got a great opportunity to build a fantastic program on the day, but it can only happen with your help!

  • Anonymous

    What about a case study of social media empowering the homeless? I could either break down Fearless City, which was a W2 project, or I could use examples from my own practice.

    • davemacdonald

      Could definitely work. At this point, I’m just collecting ideas and seeing what’s out there. Ideally, I’d like to have 1-2 panel discussions where everyone can share a case study and then participate and I think I need one more keynote speaker for a 45-60 minute talk. That’s a loose idea – I’m hoping to get enough input that it’ll all just come together like a nice jigsaw puzzle by Wednesday.

      What examples have you got? Somehow I know very little about your work in this area.

      • Anonymous


        Well, I’m the one who taught April Smith social media, for one example.  I was the web trainer on Fearless City and the one who introduced them to social media and WordPress, where several participants are still blogging. Social media wasn’t on the program to begin with, nor was WordPress, but I just barrelled ahead and did it anyway.

        Here’s another: 

        Or, I was thinking, since we’re talking about Best Practices rather than case studies, what about examining my business model of integrating workshops with participants from the marginalized groups and the middle class? It’s worked out to the benefit of everyone in the workshops, and actually helped get them to the next level in terms of learning experiences. That’s something I’ve been doing for six years or so.

        • Anonymous

          There’s also a nonprofit up here who trains aboriginal youth in digital tech services much like Reboot on the DTES and brings computers and connectivity to remote communities, trying to bridge the Digital Divide. I could present on their initiatives (they have seven, officially) and the impact the recent UN ruling that internet is a fundamental right will have on the North.

  • isabella mori

    if you want me to add something about mental health camp or #mhsm, the weekly social media chat on mental health, let me know.  

    • davemacdonald

      Something on Mental Health Camp would rock. I’m going to think on how to work that into something of a panel discussion.

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