Year Round AccountingYear-End Accounting

Everyone knows the typical year-end accounting story: You meet your accountant and exchange stories of the year that was. You drop off a box of receipts & invoices and then after a series of emails & calls, you receive reports and tax forms. Of course there’s also the electronic analogue where everything happens by email.

Things that happened 6, 8, and 10 months ago won’t come up today so so it is difficult to learn from an accountant’s perspectives.


Enter year-round accounting. By embracing  specific online tools, accounting is no longer every year (or even every month!). It happens every day because our books get kept by your offsite virtual accountant and data constantly flows in. Your year-end reporting & tax filings become a straight-forward annual task rather than a major event.

With these tools in place, three key things happen:

  1. Management gets up-to-date reporting on the business at their convenience.
  2. You engage your accountant for every major or minor inquiry when you need them answered.
  3. Energy savings:
    • Year-end adjustments are minimal.
    • Your accountant is already your business’s accounting expert.
    • There’s often less time spent on integrating your files to specialized software.

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Important questions:

What if my organization requires reviewed or audited statements?

Full Cycle Accounting

Even if you need an audit or review, year-round accounting offers lots of value!

Your bookkeeping accountant can’t offer you those. The benefits of year-round accounting for these types of organizations are still many:

  • Outsourced bookkeeping.
  • Regular management reports as needed.
  • An accountant available on an as-needed basis.
  • Experts to work with your external accountant as needed.

How much will this all cost?

Every organization is different in size, scope, tax needs, and other areas. There’s no one size fits all solution so there’s no one price fits all. That said, year-round accounting client will have one annual fee, known in advance. Your quote will give you cost certainty and clarity on which support staff, if any, you will need on your own site.

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