Headshot (large)I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) based in British Columbia, Canada. In the past decade, I have:

  • Grew a rapid-growth business services start-up into a thriving, established operation.
  • Managed the turnaround of a social enterprise from 5-figure monthly losses to surpluses three times the size of the deficit.
  • Oversaw the establishment of one of the cornerstone diabetes clinics in Western Canada.
  • As a management consultant, provided support to more than 15 clients in manufacturing, fine arts, business services, and health.


I am a father to two twin boys, born in early 2014, and a committed spouse. I enjoy cycling, martial arts, and working to solve interesting business problems. My motivation for becoming a business advisor is about being able to spend more time with family while supporting diverse clients for the long term.