Cloud Accounting Method

Working with a cloud accountant and taking advantage of year-round accounting is a drastically different experience from working with traditional accountants.

Choose your Services

Services are à la carte, but the full suite taking clients from receipt processing to financial statement compilation & T2 filing provides:

  • business intelligence
  • convenience
  • absolute cost certainty.

All services with David Macdonald, CPA are one fixed annual price, which includes all of the online tools we need to make your accounting work.


If you submit receipts, you will send them via email or via the Receipt Bank app. We will process every receipt and post them to your accounting system within 5 business days. We reconcile your bank and credit card accounts on the fly so no one is waiting around at month end.

With a cloud accounting system, reports are available to you at your convenience. We will provide them on request or on our agreed schedule, but you are never obligated to wait for us!