Tool Box


xero-certified-advisor-logo-lores-RGBI use Xero as much as possible for as many clients as I can. Not a single cloud accounting system is perfect (and several aren’t even good), but Xero holds its own quite well. I include the fees for this software in your bookkeeping package. For more on Xero, check out

Receipt bank

Receipt Bank is to bookkeeping what auto-pilot is to airline pilots. This is a tool that automates so many key functions of bookkeeping while leaving opportunity for intervention. This will be the tool clients typically use for receipt collection and transaction records.


My favourite payroll solution is Payworks. They are a Canadian-made payroll company that walks a fine line between servicing small businesses and enterprise clients. They can grow with clients and meet a variety of needs including payroll & direct deposit, remittances, freelancer payments by direct deposit, time tracking, and human resource management.


Do you have a favourite tool that you don’t want to let go of if you become a client? We can definitely chat about those and I’d love to learn more about your preferred suite as well. Drop a line and let’s chat!